Think. Create. Design. Competition


Rowan: Replacement Tape Core
Van: The Pencil Holder Reminder

We had a great event with excellent projects from our students. Congratulations to the winners:

People’s Choice: Colin from TCAPS
Elementary: Van from TCAPS
Middle School: Rowan from The PathFinder School
High School: Colin from TCAPS

Honorable Mentions:

We would like to bestow Nettie and Wyatt from The PathFinder School with honorable mentions for their great work creating assembly projects.

Click here to view the students videos.

Colin: Iron Man Arm

Whether brand new to 3D printing or a seasoned veteran, we invite all K-12 students in the northwest lower Michigan region to participate in our online competition. Students will choose what they’d like to design. There is no problem to solve or task to create. However, designs must receive approval from the teacher. Students are required to keep an engineering log that documents their design process. Keep in mind you must turn the engineering log in via electronically so plan accordingly. Students will also be required to give a 5-15 min video presentation explaining your design and process. These videos will be posted to YouTube where the public will be able to vote via the “Like” button. The video who has the most likes by the end of the competition will win People’s Choice.

Date: 11/11/16

All submissions must be in by: 5 pm

Winners will be announced in December before the holiday season.


  • Best Elementary
  • Best Middle School
  • Best High School
  • People’s Choice


  • Designs must be 100% designed by the students. They may receive help from a teacher, mentor, and/or parent but that must be documented in their engineering log.
  • Presentations must be between 3-10 minutes.
  • Students are allowed anything that strikes their fancy as long as it’s been approved by their teacher.
  • Printing objects off of Thingiverse and modifying them is highly discouraged. However, if you do choose to use a file off of Thingiverse you must defend why and how your modification dramatically improves the object. The original file must be sighted in their engineering notebook and presentation.

Media Release Form: Videos are going to be released to the public for voting. You must submit a media release form in order to participate in this competition. Any submission that does not include a media release form will be disqualified. Teachers please make sure that your students’ submissions are in line with your school’s media release policy. If you have any questions please contact Drea Weiner, STEM Education Coordinator: (231) 922-6560 or


Below are the rubrics that enclose the expectations of your engineering design and video presentation. Please review and incorporate into your submission.

Things to keep in mind:


Send all materials to and a confirmation email to ensure your submission was received.

  1. Email Content: Teacher and School name
  2. Engineering Notebook
  3. .STL File
  4. 3-10 min Presentation Video
  5. Media Release Form

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Drea Weiner
(231) 922-6560