Smithsonian X 3D

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas for how to use the 3D printer in the classroom? Do you know how many subjects you can use 3D technology to teach? Check out the Smithsonian X 3D, a free online tool from the Smithsonian Institution.

The Smithsonian has released the Smithsonian X 3D tool for educators across the world to use “to excite and engage students in a valuable, interdisciplinary education experience.” This tool has downloadable files like the Wright Flyer, tours that are self-guided of CAD files teaching you about the object in the file, video tours about the technology and what you can learn about the object due to 3D printing capabilities.

The number of downloadable files is currently small but they are highly detailed (the Wright Flyer has individual links on the cain).

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.09.33 AM
Source: Smithsonian X 3D

Smithsonian X 3D gives teachers the opportunity to revolutionize how they teach history, art, science, math, engineering, and technology. Imagine printing out the Lincoln Life Mask as you teach about the Civil War or have the Tlingit Dakl’aweidí (Killer Whale) hat model as you teach about Native Americans in history class.

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