TBAISD Career-Tech Center

Cool Tech Camp 2015


Check out some of the prints our middle school students made while at Cool Tech Camp this summer. Many of them had never seen a 3D printer before and all of them walked away with their prints by the end.

2014-2015 School Year

Keychains and Bottle openers

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.58.16 AMStudents in Michael George III’s Drafting and Design course were asked to design either a keychain or bottle opener. Michael, one of George’s students, based his modern chess piece design off of internet images.

“I didn’t initially like (the print) because it had a bunch of supports, but I liked in more once the supports were off,” said Michael.

This chess piece was printed off of the MakerBot Replicator Z18 which prints with PLA plastic.




Phone Stands

As a final project students got to choose what they designed. Some of the students decided to make phone stands.

Drafting and Design 3

Drafting & Design 2

Drafting & Design 1

Lace Holder

One student as a final project designed a lace holder.

Drafting and Design 4Rocket

Here is a student’s rocket that they designed for their final project.

drafting & Design 5


MG3 and one of his students has been working to design a robotic arm for a local 4 year old who would like to play guitar. Here is the hand with NinjaFlex filament used for the finger joints.

Drafting & Design 4

Drafting and Design Ninja Flex


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